What’s new at Vector Tuning?

01. 02. 2019.
What’s new at Vector Tuning?

Hello everyone!

You must be wondering what's new here at Vector Tuning? We have been really busy lately with preparations to launch our new palette of products and mobile apps to go with it.

Our Android app, that we've launched last year, was recently updated on Google Play, and our iOS app is currently going through the test phase and it will be out on production stage very soon.

We are making preparations for some web design changes, because we want you, as our customers, to have the best possible insight to our products and that you can easily see what every product brings to you and your vehicle in terms of power, acceleration, fuel consumption and other. You will see why we claim that Vector Tuning modules are the best choice you can make!

As for new products, we are very excited to announce that soon we will be able to offer you Throttle Pedal Tuning and Injectors Tuning. Along with our other products, this means that we will be offering Tuning products for over 8000 models of cars! Imagine that! Our list of models is being updated and upgraded daily, so we are sure that very soon we'll go up even to 10k! Respectable numbers, don't you think?!

Goodbye for now, and stay tuned for latest news and offers brought to you by your Vector Tuning team!

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