Volkswagen Transporter 2.0 BI-TDI with Vector Tuning KeyPad PLUS Module

23. 08. 2018.
Volkswagen Transporter 2.0 BI-TDI with Vector Tuning KeyPad PLUS Module

Volkswagen Transporter 2.0 BI-TDI came to our workshop and the customer decided that our KeyPad PLUS Module is the best choice for him.

That Module is designed for all types of engines and can manage multiple sensors simultaneously. Our keypad enables you to choose up to 4 different program strengths - Power, Sport, Economy and Standard. Each of that programs are designed for better driving experience and it's up to you to decide what suits you the most!

POWER – Enables you the maximum performance in terms of power and torque.
SPORT – Program optimized for best agility with slightly less power and torque.
ECONOMY – Programed for lower fuel consumption due to increased engine torque.
STANDARD – Using this mode you will use the vehicle factory setting, like there is no Tuning Module installed.

Each of 3 active programs (Power, Sport, Economy) can be fine adjusted in 7 levels. Additional PLUS feature is dynamic adjust of tuning level dependable of engine revs where applicable.

Here are the results of our tuning for Volkswagen Transporter 2.0 BI-TDI;

  Before After
Power (PS) 180 212
Torque (NM) 400 460
Fuel   -10%


As you can see, our customer got an increase of 32PS and 60NM! This means more power, better response of vehicle and more fun in driving! And all that with a reduced fuel consumption!

Select your vehicle now and give it a chance to show you what it can really do when you are on the road!

If you have any questions, contact us on or and find out why Vector Tuning is your best choice!

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