GAZ Performance Chip Tuning
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How GAZ tuning works?

Manufacturer of GAZ develops a car for a global market, trying to meet the various requirements, and they limit GAZ engine electronically so it would be compatible with worldwide regulations, climate conditions, fuel quality and other specific conditions.

All of that means that your GAZ engine has more hidden power, torque and fuel saving to offer you back with car tuning, all you have to do is to explore it! Vector Tuning is here to offer you just that! It doesn't matter if you are looking for diesel chiptuning or petrol chiptuning, or if your GAZ has manual or automatic transmission, Vector Tuning offers you engine tuning with our Tuning Boxes and/or Drive Booster Throttle Pedals for more than 10.000 vehicles!

The performance tuning data showed for GAZ are the maximum possible values achievable with our performance Chip Tuning Box. However, the performance of each tuned GAZ engine is unique and depends of environmental conditions and the productions serial tolerances.

Vector Tuning is delivering chip tuning set prepared with the best possible tuning configuration for power upgrade, throttle boost and better acceleration specifically for your car. Our Tuning System additionally enables you to fine tune the GAZ performance increase. You can set the Tuning Chip Module according to your preferences with a touch of a key or via bluetooth application.

Feel free to explore your engine’s hidden side and enjoy the benefits of fuel saving (driving style dependable) with our Performance Tuning set.


List of GAZ Models

GAZ Valdai